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The Fletchers at the Magic Kingdom!Hey everyone, we are Christian and April.  We have been Walt Disney World enthusiasts for many years now.

Several years ago we embarked on our Walt Disney World journey.  At the time, Christian was going begrudgingly.  He felt as though it was his fatherly obligation to take his kids to Disney World one time in their life.  He had been once as an early teen and, quite honestly, did not much enjoy it.

Guess who had the most fun?  That’s right, Christian did.  He was instantly transformed to the age of his children.  Since that time, we have enjoyed Disney World vacations every single year.  It really is magical experiencing it through the eyes of your children.  We love the memories that we create every year and know that our children will carry them with them for the rest of their lives.

Since that very first trip we have learned several ways to make the magic of Walt Disney World more magical.  We have also discovered that it is a great destination for romantic, kid free getaways as well.

We sincerely hope that what we share on our website brings you the same wonderful experience we have in our Disney World experience.  It truly is the most magical place on earth.


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